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Action 1: Project Management

Action 1 was an ongoing Action concerned with the administrative management of the Project. It had as its goals: a) the effective coordination of the Project, b) support for the implementation of the subsequent Actions, and c) the maintenance of effective two-way communication with the EC. Action 1 is implemented by the Project Leading Beneficiary (BPI) through the Project Manager and the Project Management Board. The Project Management Board exercised oversight and financial control of the Project, and was one of three management committees (the others being the Steering Committee and the Technical Committee) established within the framework of this Action. The minutes of the meetings of these committees constituted the deliverable of Action 1. Furthermore, the Project’s Quality Assurance System took place within the context of this Action, using as its main tool the Quality Manual and the completion of internal audits. Finally, Action 1, alongside Action 12, was supported by the Project’s website and the Scientific Secretary of LIFE EcoPest, ensuring smooth communication and effective coordination between all those involved in the Project.

A substantial change in the administrative structure of the Project took place on 01/01/2011, due to the retirement of the partner, the Benaki Phytopathological Organisation (BPO). Consequently, an amendment request was made to the EU by the Coordinator. This request did not alter in any way the Project’s methodology or objectives, nor were the deadlines of the Project’s deliverables changed. The problems raised were addressed promptly within the framework described above, and the aims of Action 1 had been achieved.

It should be noted that this project was particularly complex, involving various research disciplines, with many beneficiaries and partners cooperating either directly or indirectly. Experience showed the absolute necessity of close monitoring of the Project’s implementation and of following the recommendations of the Quality Manual in drawing-up an analytical timeline and carrying out internal auditing of the Project.


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