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Action 4: The establishment of criteria and procedures for the identification of the most hazardous pesticides used in the area/ crops and implementation of a strategy for their substitution

A series of actions were undertaken, which led to the identification of the most hazardous plant protection products (PPPs) used in the area.

Tables were composed regarding all active substances and the respective PPPs which have been licensed and are used in the area for cotton, corn and plant tomato. Link
An assessment was made regarding the harmfulness of PPPs that were used in the crops of the EcoPest project area; this was done based on the inherent characteristics of both the PPPs and active substances.
Subsequently, the respective tables per crop and category of PPP and active substances (eg insecticides, herbicides etc) were composed regarding the effects on human health and the environment. Link
Moreover, all herbicides used in the EcoPest area for corn, cotton and plant tomato cultivation were classified regarding the “soil leaching capacity” according to GUS index. Link

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