Action 10: Development of National Certification Scheme for a) Inspection of spraying equipment and accessories and b) Professional user of pesticides, distributors and advisers.

During Action 10, a prototype system for the calibration of spraying equipment was constructed. This was then trialed on-site, testing and calibrating 32 representative examples of sprayers used on arable crops, which had been previously selected by AEIFORIKI.

The sprayers were first inspected visually and secondly by measuring the nozzle flow rate. Following this assessment, and in order for the sprayers to comply with the ΕΝ13790 standard, necessary repairs were determined and cost. After these repairs were completed, a new measuring and visual assessment of the sprayers was performed, using the measuring devices of the constructed control unit.

Furthermore, the machinery was checked according to the prototype calibration system, which is based on image analysis techniques with fluorescence. The fee required of the spraying equipment operators for the calibration of their sprayers was estimated. Finally, the proposals for the certification scheme of the sprayers were amended accordingly, taking into account the final results produced by the machinery checks during Action 10 of the Project.

Regarding the development and application of a certification system for those professionals who handle pesticides, a training schedule and curriculum was developed with enough modules to at least satisfy the requirements of the 2009/128/ΕC Directive. Moreover, an evaluation process was organized for the provided training and the trainers. The goal is for the system to provide the tools for self-assessment, so that appropriate corrective actions will be swiftly implemented.  Finally, pertinent recommendations were made to the Hellenic Ministry of Rural Development & Food for the development of a national-level certification and training program, and its incorporation into the National Action Plan so that the Directive is applied within Greece.


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