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Action 12: Communication and Dissemination actions
Action 12 was a continuous Action. It comprised of a number of activities which aimed to raise awareness of the Project and disseminate its results to its target groups (farmers, the general public, and policy makers). The deliverables of this Action were completed according to the project schedule.

  • The informative leaflet for LIFE+ EcoPest was created and distributed.
  • Two TV documentaries featuring the Project were recorded.
  • The website of the project was constructed and was continuously updated according to the Project’s progress, while its ‘visitability’ and number of hits was also monitored.
  • A number of articles on the Project were published in the local and national press.
  • Metal Boards with information about the Project were produced and set up in the pilot area.
  • Printed material of an advisory and informative nature was produced and distributed to farmers and other recipients.
Further dissemination events took place, including meetings, workshops, posters and oral presentations, as well as informative announcements. Supporting this Action were the bulletins and press reports, as well as announcements on blogs concerning the Project. The deliverable concerning the implementation/completion of the Project Actions (the Layman’s report) was submitted in the Final Report (currently under evaluation by the E.C.). This Action was very effective, and in accordance with the Project as planned.

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