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Actions and means

Action 1: Project management

Action 2: Preparatory actions

Action 3: Development and implementation of Low Input Crop Management (LCM) System

Action 4: Establishment of criteria and procedures for the identification of the most hazardous pesticides used in the area/crops and implementation of a strategy for their substitution

Action 5: Spray drift management and monitoring of the efficiency of mitigation measures for the minimization of surface water and bystander contamination

Action 6: Assessment of environmental pollution levels via compilation of a monitoring network in the area for the identification of sampling sites on the basis of hydrological, hydrogeological and morphological characteristics of the area

Action 7: Set up of a management plan for the disposal of pesticide containers (identification and collection areas/transfer to a licensed incinerator) and diluted/obsolete pesticides and practical implementation

Action 8: Definition of the appropriate pesticide risk indicators for the estimation of pesticide impact on the studied aquatic system

Action 9: Training of local stakeholders

Action 10: Development of National Certification Scheme for the inspection of spraying equipment /accessories and of professional user of pesticides, distributors and advisers

Action 11: Incorporation of the project’s deliverables in the national environmental policy and legislation and in the national standards of Crop Management of the National Organization for Certification and Inspection of Agricultural Production

Action 12: Communication and dissemination activities

Action 13: Monitoring of project progress

Action 14: After LIFE+ communication plans


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