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Action 7: Set up of a management plan for the disposal of pesticide containers (identification and collection areas/transfer to a licensed incinerator) and diluted/obsolete pesticides and practical implementation

Agricultural waste consists of the empty containers, excess amounts of pesticides or obsolete ones, discarded leftovers after spraying, rinsings of machinery, as well as accidental spillages. Action 7 established a management system and provided guidance on the safe handling of empty containers and their recycling or use in energy production. Further guidance was provided and procedures suggested regarding the management of the leftovers after spraying and rinsings of machinery, as well as the waste from spills, ensuring the implementation of a comprehensive strategy. The key objective of this Action is to minimize the point sources of contamination in the pilot area. The complementary principles and procedures developed through the TOPPS LIFE+ project were taken into consideration, and adapted to meet the needs of the present pilot Project.


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