Coordinating Beneficiary : Benaki Phytopathological Institute

Project Manager : K. Machera
tel Telephone number : +30-210-8180339
email Emaill: k.Machera


Benaki Phytopathological Institute is a non-profit research Institute, a legal entity of the public sector, operating under the auspices of the Ministry of Rural Development and Food (MRDF), founded at 1929 and governed by it’s own Administrative Board and Scientific Committee.

The core activities of the Institute are to diagnose problems in agriculture, acquire knowledge and provide advice for the prevention and control of plant diseases as well as for the implementation of methods and practices with regard to key EU Directives concerning the protection of the environment, the operators, the bystanders and the consumers.

Under the 80 years of its operation, several scientific activities and disciplines were established mainly in plant protection, plant protection product control & evaluation and training. In BPI there are four Scientific Departments and twenty Laboratories which cover all aspects of crop protection; it is this extended variety in knowledge and specialization that makes the Institute unique at European level. The personnel of the Institute consist of scientists with multidisciplinary backgrounds who have a wide experience in the respective fields.

BPI is authorized to carry out evaluation of plant protection products and to provide scientific advice to the designated authority, Ministry of Rural Development and Food (MRDF) for plant protection product registration at EU or at National Level. In the Department of Pesticides Control & Phytopharmacy, operate three well equipped laboratories operating under ISO17025:2005 (Laboratory of Chemical analysis of Pesticides, Laboratory of Pesticides Toxicology and Laboratory of Pesticide Residues which is the National Reference Laboratory).

Several research and demonstration projects (EU funded, bilateral and national) are carried out at the Institute and since 2009, BPI is certified according to ISO 9001:2008 to carry out management of co-funded projects.



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