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EcoPest is a multi-stakeholder Project.

Collaboration between a number of stakeholders from different backgrounds and with different approaches is considered to be crucial to the success of this multi-disciplinary project. Co-operation allows the sharing of existing expertise, and ensures success in both the short and in the long term.

Who are the stakeholders involved in EcoPest?
  • Farmers, Operators, Contractors
  • Local Authorities
  • Water supply and sewerage company
  • Crop protection industry
  • Advisory services
  • Quality assurance schemes
  • Members of Geotechnical chamber etc
  • Other interested parties

These stakeholders all have a common target: to prevent soil, surface and ground water pollution. They collaborate with each other and the partners within the overall framework of the EcoPest Project. Their contribution ranges from individuals’ expert input, organizations disseminating the Project’s results to their members, as well as those who will be maintaining the momentum of the initiative beyond the official dates of the Project.

If your organization wishes to be invited in our plenary meetings or to contribute towards any Project activity, please don’t hesitate to contact us. All organizations making a valid contribution will be displayed in the Stakeholder List.


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