Beneficiary : Aeiforiki

Director : P.Kakafikas

Contact Person : A.Dimakis
Pilot Area Supervisor: Ch. Diamantis

tel Telephone number : +30-2310-500748
email Emaill: aiforiki
email Emaill: dimakisath
email Emaill: segev

AIFORIKI (Sustainable in English) S.A. is a contemporary company of studies and advisory services in the rural and environmental sector. AIFORIKI  S.A.  was founded in 2002 and allocates two offices in Northern Greece: in Thessaloniki (central) and in Veria. The company occupies today 10 agronomists while it is framed by a number of scientists all over Greece, including geotechnical engineers, agronomists, biologists, economists, and scientists of information technology. The latter offers the following:

  • Pan-Hellenic cover
  • Interdisciplinary confrontation of subjects
  • Wide economic and technical support

AIFORIKI S.A. covers a broad spectrum of activities and specialised services in the Agricultural and Environmental sector. These are the following:

  • Integrated Crop Management Systems based on the standards of AGRO 2-1, 2-2 of OPEGEP-AGROCERT (National Certification Body)
  • Pork Meat Quality Assurance Systems based on the standards of AGRO 3-1, 3-2, 3-3, 3-4 of OPEGEP-AGROCERT
  • Specialization of the AGRO 2 standards for cotton, tomato, apple and pear crops
  • Optional labelling of bovine meat according to the technical directive of OPEGEP-AGROCERT
  • GLOBALGAP, BRC and Nature’s Choice protocols
  • Organic Farming
  • Food Quality Management and Assurance Systems
  • Economic studies for investments in rural sector
  • Promotion of agricultural products
  • Implementation and management of E.U. programs
  • Design and implementation of training programs

Today, AIFORIKI S.A. is one the leading advisory companies in Greece concerning the provision of technical and economic services within the Agricultural and Environmental sector. Our customers and collaborators are among the top in the primary production sector.



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