Beneficiary : DIMITRA - IAMC

Director : G. Parissopoulos
tel Telephone number : +30-210-2619250

IAMC Scientific Head (Contact Person) : A. Papagiannopoulou
tel Telephone number : +30-210-2611011
email Emaill: IAMC

Hellenic Agricultural Organisation - DEMETER /Institute of Agricultural Machinery and Construction
The Institute of Agricultural Machinery and Constructions (I.A.M.C.) was founded in 1937 as a testing station of agricultural machinery equipment. Having a continuous operation, it has established itself as a major factor for the mechanization of agriculture in Greece. Nowadays belongs to the Hellenic Agricultural Organisation- DEMETER. Its activities include both testing of a wide range of machinery and irrigation equipment according to ISO, EN, DIN and National Standards as well as research.

The testing facilities are:

Laboratory for material properties
In a controlled conditions environment with capability of specimen conditioning (temperature and humidity), are carried out dimensional, roughness and coating thickness measurements, tensile, compression, bending, impact, hardness and shear tests, metal chemical analysis and instrument calibration for internal use.

Sprayers Laboratory
To assure the sustainable use of pesticides the existing laboratory infrastructure has been strengthened in order to carry out tests of field crop and air-assisted sprayers according to ΕΝ 12761 and ΕΝ 13790 standards. 

Laboratory for Hydraulic Measurements
Equipment and machines such as pumps, thermoplastic, quick coupling and emitting pipes, filters, air – vessels, sprinklers, rain-guns, reel machines, valves, air-vents etc are tested.

Laboratory of fan coil units and boiler

This laboratory with a capacity of airflow gauging up to 10000 m3/h has a testing capability, according to International Standards, of the following fan coil units:

  • Hot water (water to a temperature up to 100 oC): up to 10000 kcal/h.
  • Boiling water (pressurized water from 100 to 200 oC):  up to 150000 kcal/h
  • Steam (steam between atmospheric pressure and a gauge pressure of 8 bar): up to 250000 kcal/h

Additionally tests concerning water boilers up to 800000 kcal/h are being carried out.

Tractors’ Laboratory
The tractor’s laboratory provides the opportunity to carry out tests according to O.E.C.D.’s official testing codes for agricultural tractors, as well as E.U. directives. Currently are carried out power take off (P.T.O.) tests, draw-bar power tests, engine tests, determination of noise and vibrations level and tests for tractor’s protective structures (static test, codes 4, 6, 7).

Field – tests
Various tests are also carried out in the field, especially for tillage and stockbreeding plants and establishments machinery.

The Institute is involved in applied research projects, often in collaboration with other Institutes of N.AG.RE.F, manufacturing companies, government organizations, universities and other research foundations. Its major objective is the improvement and promotion of innovative technologies and administrative methods in agriculture. The Institute is active in the following research sectors:

  • Agricultural machinery (designing, performance, safety)
  • Water resource management & technology
  • Irrigation technology
  • Reclamation of waste waters with natural systems and reuse of treated waste waters for irrigation purposes
  • Environmental friendly cultivation methods
  • Environmental protection from agro – industrial activities



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