Beneficiary : OASE

Director : V. Tsitsirigos
tel Telephone number : +30-2210-66553
email Emaill: V. Tsitsirigos

OASE S.E. is a Regional Agricultural Development Company of Local Authorities with geographical reference to all prefectures in the Sterea Hellas area. OASE S.E. was founded on 16-12-2002 (ΦEK 615/24-01-2003 and AΡ.M.AE. 53530/14/B/03/1), and is a non-profit public company, with social-economic purpose. The company is involved in all the prefectures of Sterea Hellas area, runs 5 offices and employs 14 people (7 Permanent employees and 7 Contractors). OASE S.E. has EN ISO 9001:2000 (no. 02.35/10080) by Organisation Hellenic of Accreditation (ELOT).

Company activities:
The material subject of OASE is the support and administration of projects under the title of Development Programmes of the Agricultural areas of Sterea Hellada, with an estimated value of 80.000.000,00 €. These programmes are applied to the mountainous and rural areas in 56 out of 92 local councils in Sterea Hellas.
In all of the prefectures of Sterea Hellas, the programmes of Agricultural Development have contributed to approximately 200 private investments, estimated value of 44.861.443,16 €, and also to Public Works of local Authorities, estimated value of 50.000.000,00 €.

In particular the activities may be described as follows:

  • Contribution to the procedures of the development of Sterea Hellas.
  • Support of the Greek Public Sector and its local authorities (Ministry of Agricultural Development and Food, Sterea Hellas area, Local Authorities, directorates, local groups and professional bodies etc).
  • Involvement to the planning of the local development and the administration of European programmes.

OASE S.E. has been selected by the Ministry of Agricultural Development to carry out “Delivery of basic services to the Agricultural Economy and the local populace”.

OASE Offices in Sterea Hellas:
Head Quarters
8 Miaouli Rd, Lamia, 35 100, Tel: 22310 66553-66554, 22310 21112, Fax: 22310 66575, Email: lamia@oase.gr, info@oase.gr, URL: www.oase.gr
Viotia Office,
9 Erkynas Rd, Levadia, 321 00, Email: viotia@oase.gr
Evia Office,
2  Velissarioy Rd, Halkida, Email: evia@oase.gr
Evrytania Office
2 Hiou Rd, Karpenisi, 36100, Email: evrytania@oase.gr
Fokida Office
4th Anonymou & Karamanli, Amfissa, 331 00, Email: fokida@oase.gr



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